SCHUBKRAFT Wings | 5053 coming soon

SCHUBKRAFT Wings | 5053

coming soon

SCHUBKRAFT Wings | 5053×3

SCHUBKRAFT WINGS 5053×3 Racing Props: The perfect balancing and unique, special material mixture of PC and Glass makes this Racing Props extremely durable and much stronger as the most available competitor props – perfect for all FPV Racings and Freestyle. The bubbling through the fluid injection into the mold is drastically reduced by the innovative SCHUBKRAFT 3 point fuel injection. This makes the SCHUBKRAFT Racing Props even more durable and more resistant than most propeller. You will love it!

Thats the SCHUBKRAFT WINGS Edition. Specially designed for FPV Racing / Freestyle Pilots to get best performace with highest efficiency.

• Type: 3-Blatt 5×5.3×3 / 5053×3
• Prop Mount: 5mm
• High efficiency, very good balance
• Mostly Indestructible, PC glassfiber

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