YETI 2405 2500kv is here!

The YETI 2405 is here!

Now available in selected Stores

SCHUBKRAFT YETI 2405 2500kv Racing Freestyle Brushless Motor

SCHUBKRAFT Brushless Multirotor Motors offer performance and value for Your Racing maschine. They are built from high quality components, and are designed to give years of top-level performance.

Each SCHUBKRAFT YETI 2405 motor is built for a specific type/application allowing for further refinement and efficacy/power to be optimized. Built using the highest quality components from AI 7075 Aluminium, Japan 9x4x4 (!) bearings, arc Magnets, .005g balancing, and then the design of each motor are also evaluated for their type application and everything from their mounting, to the prop type adapters are taken into consideration. He lower motor frame is chamfered for easy fitment on tighter frames and has plenty of height for mounting hardware to wingding clearance. The stators are made with 0.20mm Kawasaki silicon steel for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses. Since these motors are typically soldered directly to the speed controller to save weight, the SCHUBKRAFT motors come without bullet connectors.

• Japan 9x4x4 (!) bearings
• Arc Magnets
• AI 7075 Aluminium
• .2mm laminations
• .005g balancing
• only ca. 29.5g without cables
• 3-5s Lipo

• Kv: 2500kv
• Magents: Arc
• Bearing: high quality japanese / 9x4x4 (!)
• Stator: 0,2 Kawasaki silicon steel
• No. of Cells (Lipo): 3~5S
• Prop Shaft Diameter: 5.00 mm
• Motor mount: M3, 16x19mm

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